Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm Not Ashamed To Admit When I'm Wrong

If you read my previous post, you know that I sang the praises for Montel Williams going on Oprah and telling his story about his battle with MS.
I guess I should have actually watched the show before I started my singing.
One of my favorite bloggers is Bald Ben at Did You Know Montel Williams Has That? He writes with humor, honesty, and he has a way of opening my eyes to things I would not have seen before. I admire him for writing and sharing his feelings and opinions in a way without sounding bitter or like he's giving up his "manhood" to do so.
After writing my post, I read Ben's comment and found that he disagreed with my take on Montel's appearence on Oprah. He, too, wrote a post about it but it went in a much different direction than mine. His post was also a bit more informed than mine as he actually watched the show and I wrote after reading the recap on Oprah's website and from other peoples opinions who watched it.
Montel had a great opportunity to tell all of Oprah's viewers the hardships that we have to deal with on a day to day basis while living our lives with MS. Instead, he failed. He was there to sell his book afterall.
The video I'm posting with this post is one from a cartoon called Chowder that my kids love and the pepper spray bit is one that my middle child used to act out for us millions of times a day for months.
But, somehow, I feel that it's fitting for me to use for this.
Chowder thought pepper spray would be delicious until he learned the horrible truth.
I thought Montel would shine a light on real life when you're living with MS. But, in the words of the ever wise Chowder, "I was wrong, I was horribly wrong!"




The topic of the Montel/Oprah appearance truly has been floating around the MS blogger community. I haven't chimed in since so many great folks have done such a great job for me.

But the next Carnival is definitely going to be focused on this topic in depth. And I'd love to include a bit of BOTH of your posts on the topic. This is probably going to be a doozy of a Carnival (I hope).

...The Obnoxious SAHM.... said...

my MIL had MS sadly she left us from the evil cancer about 8 years ago. :(

I haven't seen either one and this is the first I have heard about it. I will have to explore!

BTW YOU NEED TO VBLOG!! I want to see the little monsters! :) Hugs! OSAHM

Bald Ben said...


Please don't feel that I was calling you out. I wasn't. I like to think that if you and I ran into each other on the street (sans MS or even with MS) our sensibilities might have made us friends in real life. I dig what you do here and while I was a bit surprised when I read your post, it was cool. It was the way you felt and I like when people are honest.

Thanks for the kind words. It is all, of course, reciprocal. Keep doing what you are doing. It helps me get through this curse we both are living.

Anonymous said...

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