Friday, December 5, 2008

A Huge Thank You And Some Random Thoughts

I hope that you all have noticed that Sarcasm, Kids, and MS has been pimped out!
You have noticed right?

Ok, I'm gonna stop for a minute and you take the time to look around......


It's awesome, I know!
I owe it all to AngieSS who writes at the blog Cup of Snarky. Thanks Angie!!!
It's funny how it all came about, Angie pimping out my blog.
See, I went over to visit one of my favorite people, Bee at BeesMusings and I realized that everything was different and amazing. Bee had been pimped!
I then read her post where she bragged and rubbed in everyone's face about how AngieSS had pimped her blog all out and look at what a great job she did.
So, in the comments, I wrote something completely subtle and humble cause that's just who I am (stop laughing!). I think my comment went something like "I sure wish Angie would come and pimp my blog. I'm so bored with it. It's actually considering jumping off a bridge cause it's soooo boring." (I'm not talking about Sarcasm, I'm talking about my other blog Rambling Thoughts)
A few days go by and I had actually forgotten about that comment (ha, along with about a million other things) when I get this email. Angie wanted to pimp me out! So she did! And I sent her an email, thanking her from the bottom of my heart, and I may have mentioned that I had another blog she could pimp..hint hint...and she did!
I have to say, I am so thankful to her that she did because I tend to be a bit computer illiterate. Seriously! For example, I just now learned how to use the Paint program on my computer. And isn't Paint like a gagillion years old?
So, Thank you so much Angie! I love the new look and Lord knows, I couldn't have done it without you!

In other news, I have been dealing with the mother of exacerbations!
The pain that I'm always in is doubled and yesterday I woke up talking like Forrest Gump (well, not exactly like Forrest but that's kind of how I feel. I keep feeling like I should say "I'm not a smart man Ginny, But I know what love is!"), and my balance is way off. I mean WAY OFF.
Let me try to explain it to you: Most people know when they're standing up or even when they're falling over right? Well, I feel completely normal until I feel myself hit the floor.
What is up with that?
And as most of you know, having your eyes closed doesn't help much but there are some times when you just can't help it.
For Example: My neurologist asked me if I closed my eyes when washing my hair in the shower. I said "Of course I do, have you ever gotten shampoo in your eyes? It hurts!"
By the way, I think this is why my neuro at Georgetown treats me, I tend to be a bit entertaining.
Anyways, he says "Well, you've got to stop it. Wash your hair with your eyes open so that you don't fall."
And I've tried to do it but the thing is, it's been built into my daily habits. When I was "Little Tracy" and my mom was teaching me how to wash my hair, she told me to "keep my eyes shut". And then there would be times when I would forget to shut my eyes and the soap would get in and I would start screaming things like "Owe! Soap is in my eyeballs! Owwwwwww!" and I remember my mom saying "Well, I said to keep your dadblamed eyes shut! Whatsamatter with you??"
So, yeah, now I am having trouble keeping my eyes OPEN when I know that they should be SHUT. And I really don't think that this is where I intended on going when I started writing about my flare up but, hey, the mind has of it's own right?

And I'm still not in the "Christmas Spirit" and I don't mean all of those crazy shoppers version of the Christmas Spririt where you have to trample and shoot people.
I'm just not feeling it this year.
Normally, we would get a tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. This year, still no tree.
I have totes of decorations that are always put out the same weekend as the tree. This year they are still toted.
I don't know why I'm feeling like this. Does this fall into the "First Year of MS" category or is this something all it's own?
Well, one thing I did do was get the kids Christmas portraits taken. And that is what I'll leave you with.


Bee said...

I learned to keep my eyes open while shampooing because now I'm all alone in the house and freak out if I close them. I know there isn't much I can do while slippery an naked in case an intruder comes in but I'm not here to make sense.

Have you tried sitting in the shower? I know it sucks but it would be better than hurting yourself severely.

Bee said...

Your kids look gorgeous!

Bald Ben said...

I have to be honest, my first year of MS I think I tripled the Christmas decorations. I'm a big Christmas nut, although I do have to say that my twin boys are really putting a clamp down on the decorations this year. It seems like the second I take something out they have it in their mouths.

We have yet to get the tree. I’m a bit apprehensive as I think that within a few minutes I’m gonna be peeling a 14 month old off the highest bough. Everybody keeps telling me to put it in another room so that they can see it but not touch it. Apparently those people haven’t been to my 1800 sqft row house. I suppose there are bigger problems….

As to your relapse, I get the spins as well and I just like to think that the world is spinning and now so am I. I’m just that important, it has been deemed unto me to understand the Earth’s rotation.

Anyway, thanks for the nice comments at my blog. They are greatly appreciated.

pUNKrOCKfairy said...

I'm sure I've mentioned in my blog that I closed my eyes in the shower during my first attack and promptly ate shit. My husband yelled at me for falling AND for closing my eyes to wash my FACE!

I have since learned to shampoo with eyes open, but the face is impossible. Here's my latest face-washing-anti-falling-and-breaking-a-hip-at-30 strategy:

1. Squeeze face wash into hands.
2. Turn to face shower wall.
3. Prop elbows against wall to maintain some reference for position of body.
4. Close eyes and scrub face QUICKLY.

Hope it helps. :)

PS- Love the pimped blog. Terribly jealous, but too lazy to do anything with mine.

Anonymous said...

Bee's right, sitting down should help. Just an inexpensive plastic step-stool would work. We have a short one-step model from Rubbermaid or some such company, and there's a fold-up two-step model we have for use at work. Just depends on how far off the floor you want to be when you wash your hair. You can probably find one for under $15. That sure beats falling down and hurting yourself!

Um, if it has a non-slip grooved surface, I'd really suggest putting a towel on it before you sit down. Getting "butt texture" isn't necessarily fun....


I too like the blog and your kids look adorable. Dangerous, yes, but simply adorable.

During one of my earlier neuro exams, I did the stand with your feet together, arms forward, then close eyes. I really wondered how come the neuro shoved me in the middle of my back. I wondered if that was part of the test, to see how I recovered from being shoved forward.

Huh, no. I was free-falling backwards and he was catching me. Very odd sensation, I tell ya.

Tracys Ramblings said...

Bee- Why are you so worried about intruders? Have you had one before? Do you want me to cane him?
And the hubs just finished my new shower in our new masterbedroom (the bedroom still doesn't have a door but who am I to judge?) and it has a bench in it. The only problem is, the bench is tiled and a wee bit cold on the nethers.

And thank you! They are gorgeous!

Ben-(for some reason I refuse to call you Bald Ben, I don't know why) See, that's why I'm wondering what the heck is wrong with me. I've never been so much in to outside decorations (you'll never find me attaching lights to the roof!) but the inside is like Christmas Land. And this year, I have on decoration out and that's because I just bought it.
Oh, and I forgot that you have two boys! Oh what fun!
We had a saying about our toddler son. It was "What he doesn't climb, he eats". And that sums it all up.
They really are insane, little cracked out, monkey blessings.
Oh and let me give you a bit of advice from personal experience, don't, that is DO NOT use those tinsel icecicles on your tree. They are not as shiny and pretty coming back out afte a toddler eats them!

PunkRockFairy-See, my husband does the same thing! He yells at me while picking me up off the floor. It would be funny if I weren't on the floor.

Anon- Aren't those stools really short? I don't know how I'd like sitting way down there where the water would spray me directly in the face. And you're right, butt texture is nothing to laugh at.

Lisa- Thank you. You saw through the Angelic mood right to the danger.
You know, I can't believe you did that too! I yelled at my doctor when he did that to me! He told me to close my eyes, yada yada, and the next thing I know he's catching me. I said "I would APPRECIATE it if you didn't push me."
I told you, I think he keeps me for the entertainment.

Tracys Ramblings said...

That was like a comment marathon there! I need a nap now!

Chrystal said...

You know I love ya. I do want you to be safe. Put a towel on the bench and take it like a woman. lol

On other thoughts, pictures. Love them and you know that.
Do you ever wish just for a second, that you could freeze time to make the children look like a happy family.
With my 3 boys, a moment that looks like a magazine cover, would be great, listen to the picture, no noise. Wonder if I can just shove my kids into a picture and leave them. lol

Sammie said...

I highly recommend a shower chair, my MS was so aggressive at first that there was no way I could stand up to take a shower, I was lucky to make it TO the shower let alone stand up for ten minutes, eyes open OR shut. I can't even remember the last time I stood in the shower. Sometimes I miss showering like a normal person but's more relaxing to sit and let the hot water rush over you and no one sees me in my shower (thank God) so who cares!?

AngieSS said...

Awww...thanks Tracy. I loved and enjoyed doing both of your blogs and am glad you love it!

Your kids are adorable. I, like you, am not in a very Christmas-y spirit. Though I think that has something to do with the extra cleaning I'm having to do because the folks are coming.

As for you my dear, you really should get a shower chair. That is what my sis-in-law uses. Safety first!