Friday, January 2, 2009

Oh Geesh, This Can Be Hard Work!!!

I happened to look at my blogger dashboard and was appalled that I haven't posted since December 23rd! That's last year, for crying out loud!
I keep finding myself in a daze, as if I'm unable to convince my brain that it actually is 2009.
I mean, yes I'm forgetful and I do tend to misplace things, but it would appear that I've gone and misplaced a whole entire year! Well, not exactly the ENTIRE year, more like from May to December. You do the math..then get back to me on how long exactly that is, okay?

I'm not one to make resolutions for the new year. I find that if I make a resolution, this impossible goal that suddenly seems possible after several glasses of champagne or Old Milwakees Best (hey, I don't judge), then you're already setting the year ahead up for failure, depression, and anger.
I think that I unwillingly go through that enough already, don't you?

So, since I don't have to do all of that thinking over what resolutions I'm going to not stick with, I've had a lot of thinking time. And, even more bizarre, I found a lot of things funny.

This is what I've realised: I have said more bizarre, childlike, even spacey things to people over the last eight months than I have in my entire life.
Here are just a few that I remember:

1. To the Dodson's Exterminator "What time do you think you'll be here because my naptime is between 11-2 and I can't be disturbed during my naptime."

2. The conversation with the DirecTV guy who came to move our lines after our renovations:
Him: Mam, would it be ok if I use your phone?
Me: Sure. Would you like to push or look?
Him: Uhmmm, excuse me?
Me: [HUGE sigh as if he's the idiot] Do you want to push or look?
Him: I just want to use your phone?
Me: Yes, I understand that you want to use the phone. What you don't understand is the fact that I tend to put things in places that I don't remember and that don't make sense. So, would you like to push the "page" button for the phone or look for the phone?
Him: Uhm, push?
Me: Ok then! Get to pushin!

And do you know where I found the phone? In the dryer. The dryer that was running, drying towels. Yeah, I know.

3. I told my "center" child to pick up her suitcase. She looked around the room and said "Where is it?" "It's right at your feet, child! Look down and you'll see your suitcase!"
She then looked down, then the lightbulb visibly went on in her head, she had realized that her mother was a boob. She then looked at me and said "This here {pointing at the "suitcase" to which I shook my head "yes"] Well, I'll pick it up and put it away but I refuse to call my SLEEPING BAG my SUITCASE!"
Yeah, I was trying to tell her to pick up her sleeping bag but for some reason, suitcase was what was coming out.

4. I have said, on numerous occasions, to my husband "You really do love me, dontcha?"
That statement usually followed conversations like this:
12:15 p.m.
Me:Hey, honey? Did you get the mail today?
Him: No, it hasn't come yet.
Me: Oh, okay.
12:30 p.m.
Me: Hey, honey? Did you get the mail today?
Him: [letting out a slow, deep, meditation like breath then says through gritted teeth] No, it hasn't come yet.
Me: Oh, okay.
Me: Hey, honey?
Me: How did you know what I was going to ask you?
Him: Because this is the third time you've asked in the last half hour.
Me: And you didn't strangle me?
Him: No, but the urge might have been there.
Me: Awww, babe, you really do love me, dontcha?
Him: Yes and who would raise the kids if I strangle you and then get myself put in jail?
Me: I'm going to ignore that last part and just go with "You really do love me".

I guess that's one of the good things about having this disease. When I feel like I'm going crazy, it's always comforting to know that I'm driving the people around me just as crazy so I'm not alone.



Hey! So glad you are back as I needed a laugh today (unfortunately, at your expense). And I DO like the "push or look" routine...that one did almost make me blow Mt. Dew out my nose!

Linda D. in Seattle

Bald Ben said...

The plus side to all of this is that you were actually able to remember all of those very funny things that you did. I've been doing stuff like this for many years. I like to think the disease had something to do with it, but lets be honest I'm just a bit left of center is all. All though the day after Christmas the family and I were driving to my wife's uncle's house and I totally forgot where we were going. That was a bit of a disconcerting feeling. Anyway, hope you had a good holiday despite the forgetting and all. Glad to see you haven't forgotten about us your reading public. Happy New Year.

Denver Refashionista said...

Well, you made me laugh. I imagine I have said and done many strange things this last year but I can't even remember them.

Anonymous said...